What is Artificial Turf?

What is Artificial Turf?

What is Artificial Turf?

Also known as synthetic turf, artificial turf is a man-made product that can be used as a replacement for regular sod or a seeded lawn. It was originally created for use on athletic fields, but it’s now a maintenance-free option for residential properties when people are looking for a substitute for grass.

What Is Artificial Turf?

There are two main components of artificial turf. One component are the blades of grass that make an artificial turf look like a real lawn. Then, there is also a backing material where all of the blades of grass are attached. Everything is completely synthetic, usually consisting of things like polypropylene, polyethylene and nylon.

How Durable is Artificial Turf?

When you invest in a high-quality artificial turf, you can expect it to last approximately 20 years or so. The material usually holds up past this frame of time, but you may start to see the blades of grass looking a little matted down. Artificial turf may last longer if it doesn’t see a lot of foot traffic, and it might not reach the 20-year mark if you have kids constantly playing on it. A lot of artificial turf companies provide a warranty for their product that lasts about 12 to 15 years.

How Is Artificial Turf Installed?

Before any artificial turf can be installed in your yard, you’ll need to have your property excavated and graded. The first thing that is laid down is a weed barrier. This prevents any weeds from being able to make their way up through your artificial grass layer. After the weed barrier comes a layer of stone and then sand. This process also ensures that the artificial grass will feel comfortable when you’re walking on it, and it will maintain proper drainage. When artificial turf is being installed for athletic fields, it will often have an additional layer of material underneath it to provide more cushioning and bounce.

Is It Worth the Investment?

While the upfront cost of artificial turf is more expensive than sod or seed, you’ll actually save a lot of money over the life span of your lawn. Think of what you spend yearly on lawn equipment, fertilizers, pesticides, etc. It’s also expensive to keep up with watering your lawn when it’s first starting out and when you’re experiencing dry weather where you live.

Is Real Grass Better Than Artificial Turf?

The answer to this question really depends on what you’re looking for from your lawn and property. Some people really prefer a real lawn, while others want the pristine appearance and no-maintenance approach of something synthetic. If you’re weighing your options, consider what you want your lawn to look like, but also consider how much time you’re willing to spend on getting the yard that you want.

Can Your Pets Go on Artificial Turf?

It’s up to you if you want to allow your pets to go on your artificial turf lawn. If they use the bathroom on this surface, there is a specific type of sand that can be used underneath the turf that will help prevent odor and damage to the “grass”.

Opting for an artificial turf for a residential or commercial property is an excellent investment that saves a great deal of time and money in the long run. You’ll be thrilled when you don’t have to go outside weekly to mow and water. You don’t have to deal with grass clippings, and you’ll be able to maintain a chemical-free and healthy yard.


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