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At Creative Grounds, we proudly lead the way as the premier artificial turf installation company in Southwest Florida and South Florida. As a woman-owned business, our passion lies in crafting outdoor living spaces that exceed your dreams. We specialize in the art of artificial turf installation, turning ordinary lawns into extraordinary showcases of beauty and sustainability. Beyond turf, we’re your partners in complete backyard makeovers, ensuring your outdoor space reflects your vision. Trust Creative Grounds to transform your surroundings into a paradise of lush greenery and limitless possibilities.


Our Services

Landscape Turf Installation
Pet - Friendly Turf Installation
Putting Greens Installation
Patios, Rooftops & Balconies
Gyms & Sports Facilities
Playground & School Inst.
Artificial Turf Installation
Backyard Makeover Services
Vertical Artificial Gardens


Serving Sw Florida and South Florida

Creative Grounds aims to provide the best products and services to our customers

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